Email Re: Preston Bailey, Doug Riggs Re: No Modern Hybrid Breeding Program

This is a reply to an email on Guy Malone’s interview with L.A. Marzulli on No Modern Hybrid Breeding Program. Preston Bailey’s email is listed, and then Paradox Brown’s reply to his email is below that.

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From: Preston Bailey, PhD
To: Doug Riggs
Date: 11/5/12
Subject: send this to all your buddies- I do not have guy Malones email
(Fwd) CC: Gary Stearman, Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, L.A. Marzulli, Doug Riggs, Dante Fortson… etc

Guy Malone:

I would expect Guy Malone to support the view of his wife on a “hybrid breeding” program or as he says, “a lack of a breeding program.” But I will leave that subject for another day. His reasoning sounds more like someone from the “False Memory Syndrome Foundation” that I have debated than from actual science and actual plans of the New World Order.

Malone said “Hybridization amongst different species is unsuccessful or downright impossible.” He has not done his research very well. I was last week the keynote speaker at a conference on “Genetic Modified Organisms.” To hybridize means 1) to produce or cause to produce hybrids or a crossbreed and 2) To form base pairs between complementary regions of (two strands of DNA that were not originally paired).

Genetic modification of seeds and animals have been produced in the United States since 1994. 80% of all processed food in the United States has been genetically modified.


1.Corn- 88% genetically modified

2.Soy- 93% genetically modified

3. Cottonseed- 93% genetically modified

4. Papaya- 75% genetically modified

5. Canola- 90% genetically modified

6. Sugar Beets- 90% genetically modified. 54% of sugar sold in America comes from sugar beets.

Half of the sugar you eat is genetically modified by the New World Order. Why do you think that is? The reason is that they want to kill over 5 billion people.

80% of all seeds that farmers plant are genetically modified. That means 80% of the vegetables you eat are directly genetically modified. These genetically modified foods have been proven to cause cancer, dissolve internal organs, tumors, kidney failure, food allergies, have reproductive disorders, digestive problems, autism, and death.

Genetically modified animals is when animals or mammals are genetically modified in some way. A transgenic animal is when the DNA of one species is transplanted into a different species. So these animals become “HYBRIDS” by design.

Right now, there are transgenic sheep, goats, mice, chickens, pigs, cows, fish, insects, crops, sea organisms, and primates.

150 animal hybrids were grown in UK labs for the last three years.

There are numerous hybrid animals right now. It is not a theory. This is a list of the top 10 hybrid animals.

Top 10 Hybrid Animals

In the list, notice, that “killer bees” are a hybrid species that unfortunately has reproduced very rapidly. They are such a “successful hybrid” that they have killed many animals and humans as they spread from South America into North America without anything to stop them. So all hybrids are not sterile.

The Dzo or yakow is a bovine Hybrid, and comes about from cross breeding a Yak with a domestic cow. The resulting animal is much larger than a cow or a yak, and is thought to be much more productive in milk and meat production. All the females born from this cross are fertile, and they can be bred back with either of the original species. The males born from this cross are always infertile. Zebroids are not always sterile. Usually the hybrid offspring of horses and donkeys are infertile. Occasionally, they aren’t. Therefore, stating which hybrid animals do reproduce wouldn’t be all that reliable. Hybrids of parents who were close enough related are more liable to be fertile.

Hybrids are not always born sterile, fertile crosses occur in some species depending on how different the species are from each other. Waterfowl are more prone to hybridization than other avian species. The Mallard has about 50 known possible crosses with other duck & geese species. In the wild Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) and American Black Duck (Anas rubripes) hybrids have been found to be 8% to 13% of the tagged Mallard and Black Duck migrating populations. “Though hybrids of kindred species, such as the Mallard and Black Duck, are usually fertile and the sex ratio is normal, this is not the case with crosses between less closely related species.” Mallard and pintail duck hybrids are rarely fertile.

There are several closely related species of true parakeet that are able to cross. Ring-necked parakeets and Alexandrine parakeets are the most common species crossed in captivity. These crosses, unlike horse x donkey crosses, are sometimes fertile. Breeding for color variations is done with captive birds that would not normally meet and mate in the wild. But all such crosses that succeed are done between birds in a single genus so they are interspecific crosses (crosses between two species) not intergenic crosses (crosses between two genera).

Other hybrids that can reproduce are Macaw hybrids, Finch hybrids, Sparrow hybrids, some Hare hybrid species, White tail/mule deer hybrids, and Canid hybrids occur between coyotes, wolves, dingos, jackals and domestic dogs.

Hybrids normally can’t reproduce because the sex cells would never be fertilized, as the chromosomes from the two different species are usually of a different number.

We do not know the number of chromosomes of fallen angels in Genesis 6 but we know the Bible says they reproduced a hybrid with human women. I am not going to argue evidence that in Genesis 6 the sons of God were fallen angels who bred with human women because there are whole books that explain that this is what happened. Also, the Book of Enoch describes in great detail about this event so I do not need too much more additional evidence to substantiate the fact that these were fallen angels who mated with human women. So we know their chromosomes matched to form a hybrid (Nephilim).

Are modern day Nephilim giants today? I really do not care how tall or short they are. They could be little dwarf Nephilim’s running around if all I care. Steve Quayle has written an excellent book on giants throughout history. But the people I have counseled through the years that describe Nephilim say after they are taken out of the womb, they are either taken to another dimension or to D.U.M.B. which is a deep underground military base.

However, there have been large species of animals or fish that were suppose to have been extinct but in actuality were not since they were found alive such as giant squid that was first found on September 27, 2005. The Coelacanth was discovered in 1938 off of the coast of South Africa which was suppose to be extinct. The “Lazarus species” was found alive after going extinct thus the name they gave it. Others who were discovered not to be extinct were the Bermuda Petrel, the Chacoan peccary, the huge Lord Howe Island stick insect, the Monito del Monte, the La Palma giant lizard, the Takahe, the Cuban solenodon, the New Caledonian crested gecko, the New Holland mouse, the giant Palouse earthworm, the Large-billed reed-warbler, and the Laotian rock rat. Scientists say that in the Congo could be huge species of animals that were thought to be extinct. So there are plenty places for Nephilim to go whether they are 30 feet or 30 inches.

I have been counseling people with DID from the early 1980’s. I am a Christian Clinical Psychologist and studied dissociation at Harvard medical School from Dr. Richard Kluft who actually came up with the term. I have a PhD in Counseling and a Doctor of Ministry degree so I know Hebrew, modern and ancient Greek, as well as Latin, French, and German.

It is very absurd to think that someone would “makeup in their belief system” that they were raped by fallen angels and produced a Nephilim. Let someone rape you and see if you think it was from your imagination! That is an attack on the veracity of women who report being raped no matter who raped them. I was Chairman of the Governor’s Task Force on Child Abuse. I examined the report of hundreds of children being raped or molested and it was not in their “belief system.” It actually happened! I know it happened to them because they had the symptoms of being raped, they had the affect of being raped, and they had the physical marks for being raped. I helped a physician develop a “rape kit” and a procedure for every doctor to follow when a child or adult reports being raped. I had many people prosecuted for rape. I think you better just “shut up” talking about something you know little or nothing about.

I have counseled numerous women with SRA/DID that said they were raped by “creatures.” They never said Nephilim or aliens or some sick freak. I never mentioned it or used the word nephilim. Then they said 3 months later the “creature” came back and took the fetus and left and disappeared. Now I think that is a pretty good description of a Nephilim Breeding Program. But since you do not like the word “Nephilim” we can call it the “Creature Breeding Program.”

I know a lot about demons. I wrote a 385 page book on demons called “SPIRITUAL WARFARE: DEFEATING THE FORCES OF DARKNESS.” In it I tell real life experiences, not made up intellectual theorizing. I have had to deal with numerous incubus, succubus, and many wild demons of violence. I have never feared a demon and do not have to raise my voice to get them to leave. So I know the difference between a typical demon and a demon pretending to be an alien, a Nephilim, or a creature from the Black Lagoon. Demons are mild compared to what I have to deal with every week. I only counsel highly complex SRA/DID people. Most of them are in one of the New World Order organizations and highly programmed. The purpose of the hybrid breeding program is to create as many soldiers for their army when they attack God in the BIG WAR since God’s angels outnumber them 2 to 1 so they have to create additional artificial life forms to increase their army.

You stated twice a belief you had based on just one person. That is not very objective nor scientific. That is a dysfunctional way of interpreting events called “generalization.” Therefore, I do not think you are qualified to arrogantly give an intellectual or scientific opinion about something that is more of a psychological phenomenon called a “hybrid breeding program.”

You are qualified to talk about UFO’s and crop circles so “go at it!”

Preston T. Bailey, PhD., D.Min.

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From: Paradox Brown
To: Preston Bailey, PhD
CC: Gary Stearman, Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, L.A. Marzulli, Doug Riggs, Dante Fortson… etc.
Date: 11/16/12
Subject: Re: send this to all your buddies- I do not have guy Malones email

“Malone said ‘Hybridization amongst different species is unsuccessful or downright impossible.'”

Yes, this is technically inaccurate, as the article used the term “species” to be meant as interchangeable with the biblical concept of a “kind”, and should have used the word “kind” or perhaps “order”. The problem with accuracy here is not even in the word “hybridization”, which has broad meaning, but in that the word “species” does not equate to a biblical “kind”. However, I would think what was meant would be, and is, easy to understand from context. So while you are technically correct that the statement is off, that’s only from taking it in isolation outside of the context of the entire article. It was obviously referring to a 50/50 hybridization between two very different “kinds” in biblical terms, or perhaps limited to “orders” in the technical taxonomy. Even wiki will tell you, “No interordinal (between different orders) animal hybrids are known.” There are no 50/50 inter-ordinal (or inter-kind) hybrids to date, to the best of my knowledge – whether of natural conception, or genetically engineered in a lab.

In context, what women report to experience, with either rape or artificial insemination, is that women are supposed to be the actual Mother of the child. The conception reported is that of the mother’s egg (50%) combining with the sperm (50%) of another entity. Therefore the only type of “hybrid” relevant to the discussion, the only scientific information relevant, is that revolving around 50/50 inter-kind (or perhaps interordinal, but kinds are broader) hybridization.

This is necessitated both by the children described (half gray alien/ half human looking), and the fathers (gray, reptilian, ugly demonic entity) don’t look human but look of a very different biblical kind, which would also be represented in their DNA and chromosomes. Also, the methods of natural conception (rape, ie natural egg/sperm joining as typical) described in many cases of what women have reported to experience, requires a natural 50/50 cross to take place. Also this is necessitated in that the claim I have heard repeatedly is that these women are the “mother” of these children, having contributed 50% genetic material through their egg through conception. That narrows down the relevant science in a way that you obviously don’t see and understand on your own, or you wouldn’t make your case on irrelevant examples.

This makes all of your arguments based on examples of corn, and sheep, and other transgenic animals to be bunk, irrelevant to the discussion, and of course we are aware of all that. Similarly, your examples and arguments about yaks, and ducks, and horses hybridizing with other animals within the same order, or biblical kind, are also irrelevant to the discussion. Your arguments and examples are irrelevant. If you really want to make a case, then what you need to have is an example from science of a 50/50 interordinal conception, in a lab, or in nature… show me a horse-dog or elephant-cat 50/50 cross and you would have a case. To date, to the best of my knowledge, no such case exists in nature or in a lab experiment.

To make an analogy of biblical kind differences, horse is to gray alien, as dog is to human. You aren’t going to get a 50/50 horse/dog any more than you can get a 50/50 human/alien. Yet women report experiences that require a 50/50 conception, are told they are the 50/50 mother, of a child that looks like a 50/50 alien/human. For all the allure and hype surrounding modern technology – there is nothing in actual science to back this up. The Bible speaks the truth, there are “kinds”: “Then God said, ‘Let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind: cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth after their kind’; and it was so.” And we know there are barriers in reproduction that exist between “kinds”, as this we observe in science. You can read more here. There simply are no interordinal or interkind 50/50 hybrids to date, and no scientific studies to back this up, which you would require to make your case.

Whatever fallen angels are doing, there is no scientific case example to date that I am aware of, which would show that they are allowed or able to cause (even with advanced technology – which I argue they don’t need tech to do anything as they are “gods”) a 50/50 human/other-kind hybrid to be conceived. There are rules to reality God set up, His laws, it seems the genes just won’t combine to cause a 50/50 inter-kind hybrid – nothing has proven it is possible – and that is what would be required for these women to be the 50/50 “mothers” of these supposed babies. If you want to have any sort of academic debate, what you need to show is an example of a 50/50 inter-ordinal or inter-kind hybrid – period. Short of that, you have got nothing proven and scientific to back up your hypothesis.

So what about the supposed 50/50 human/other hybrid babies, that look like normal humans, which supposedly result from these experiences? They could be the result of human-kind sperm stolen from males, which was then used for conception with human-kind eggs – ie deception – in other words the human-looking babies are just human babies. Augustine commented on the same concept back in the 1200s, way before advanced human technology, and this is nothing new.

“Many persons affirm that they have had the experience, or have heard from such as have experienced it… whom the common folk call incubi, have often presented themselves before women, and have sought and procured intercourse with them. Still if some are occasionally begotten from demons, it is not from the seed of such demons, nor from their assumed bodies, but from the seed of men taken for the purpose; as when the demon assumes first the form of a woman, and afterwards of a man… so that the person born is not the child of a demon, but of a man.
-Summa Theologica, Saint Thomas Aquinas, 1200s

Why you think God would allow for forced pregnancies that produce human/other 50/50 hybrids, yet you don’t seem to as easily acknowledge that God would allow sperm samples to be forced from a man, then used to impregnate a woman, producing a 50/50 human/human child, is beyond me. Heck, why is that possibility so easy for you to ignore? A human criminal could buy some popsicles from a sperm bank, attack and forcibly impregnate a woman. So why is is so hard to understand that a fallen angel, reported to collect sperm from human male victims, could then turn around and use that sperm to impregnate human female victims?

Doesn’t Doug Riggs have a “nephilim mother” who claims her grown son, a real person who actually exists as a photo-ID-has-a-home-address real person, member of society and reality, is actually a “nephilim”? I don’t have all the details, but that was on a radio show he did a while back… Why negate the humanity of her own son when such a plausible and easy to understand explanation exists to account for him being human? Seriously, I don’t understand how any of you can support denial of another person’s humanity, whose human DNA is reflected in their human appearance, and justify separating families or making them highly dysfunctional, when you could just as easily consider the reality of the human-looking children are just human. It’s shoddy reasoning to assume anything about reported experiences are trustworthy, biblically speaking, as they are caused by lying deceptive entities with vast supernatural powers they use to deceive with – but to actually deny another person is human, (or as some say follows, deny their ability to be saved by a kinsman redeemer, Jesus Christ)?

From my perspective, you are following and believing whatever sensationalistic BS these fallen angels present you with, through the deception on the experiencers, which they report to you… and are so caught up in it you have lost your objectivity and ability to rationally wade through the data, incorporating the Bible, even to the point of some moral failures. It’s hard to respect your position when you so miss the obvious possibility these women are knocked up using human sperm, and let these women think their own real children are “nephilim” (or even unsavable in Christ, as some teach), based on their interactions with fallen angels, who are known deceivers. Where is the rationality, where is biblical research, where is the science, and where is the LOVE? No I don’t know all the details about this woman and her HUMAN son, but from the details I have heard, as well-intentioned as you all may be, and whatever good you actually do – you are deceived and falling for strong delusion, far as I can tell. You aren’t discerning or guarded enough.

“I really do not care how tall or short they are. They could be little dwarf Nephilim’s running around if all I care.”

As to the other “possiblity”: the nephilim… well that word means “giants” – and the Bible described them all to look like Human Giants. Not as alien/human 50/50 little gray creatures, or some half human/monster thing…. and also NOT a normal-sized human. Heiser has the best research on the meaning of the word “nephilim” as meaning “giants”, you may ignore that research, pushing your own agenda, but it’s still a fact that it’s the best research out there on what the word “nephilim” means.

((Later edit – also see video: Etymology of Nephilim – Michael Heiser

Nephilim were 50/50 human/messenger-angel. They looked like giant people. Gigantism in the human body is caused by pituitary cancer in the brain, leading to an overproduction of growth hormone in early childhood and late infancy. All modern “nephilim” would look human and have pituitary brain cancer causing gigantism. We aren’t seeing that in the reported hybrid babies of paranormal experiencers. They aren’t nephilim.

You don’t care if the “nephilim”, a word that means “giants”, are actually even giants?

((Later Edit: Also See: Nephilim – “Those who came down?” – Michael Heiser ))

It’s pretty clear your view of reality is not biblically-based very much. You may not, but I care what the Bible says, that “nephilim” were all giants, and That is the ONLY biblical precedent. Your opinions are just vain imaginations playing with and redefining biblical terms, overlooking the Biblical concepts and innerworkings of reality that the Bible actually teaches… I could decide to take the biblical term “angel” and apply it to “bicycles”, but that does not make the Bible teach that bicycles are angels… Oh really? You think it’s funny to act like the Bible teaches “Dwarf” = “giant”? Yes, I think that really does reflect exactly how much you care to regard the Bible and biblical truth and incorporate it into your teachings and reality worldview. You have an agenda, so getting it right biblically does not seem to matter.

I would bet you also haven’t studied my research on Eze 31, which reflects that God imprisoned the sons of God of Genesis 6 “To the end that none of all the trees [none of all the angels] by the waters exalt themselves for their height, neither shoot up their top among the thick boughs [have families], neither their trees stand up in their height [have nephilim kids], all that drink water [the Flood]: for they are all delivered unto death, to the nether parts of the earth, in the midst of the children of men, with them that go down to the pit. [sons of God imprisoned in the Abyss during the Flood]” Eze 31:14 That’s covered in detail here: So I teach the Bible states, in prophetic symbolism, that He imprisoned the sons of God of Genesis 6 in the Abyss during the Flood, to the ends that none of the other angels would have kids. Hence, the Bible states no nephilim since the Flood. Post-flood giants were “Rephaim”, not “nephilim”, Num 13:33 was a slanderous report and false in that they were not nephilim, the genes came through a HUMAN woman on the ark… this is ALL covered in detail on my website (which I somehow doubt you have read through). I have a consistent framework that explains everything you could probably object with, if you’d just study and research my position. But usually no one on that end wants academic debate, it’s just ad hominem mud-slinging.

One big point you should understand, is that the “messenger”-type of angel, which is the same as the “sons of God” type of angel – look like human men when physically manifested. Form apparently does determine content – they are anatomically correct and virile when physically manifested – and their DNA/chromosomes are exactly that of humans – but with some minor genetic corruption. Thus, messager-angels and humans are the same “biblical kind” – and that is why messenger-angel/human 50/50 hybrids are possible; why the nephilim were possible. The nephilim were NOT a case of interordinal 50/50 hybrids, in other words the Nephilim were not a dog-horse 50/50 hybrid. The Nephilim were 50/50 hybrids from the same kind, analogous to 2 different subspecies, like a lion/tiger or wolf/dog 50/50 hybrid. The natural-sex nephilim conception only worked because they were of the same biblical kind. Look in the Bible of case after case of messenger-angels (malak, aggelos) being called both “angels” and “men” – you’ll see it very clearly comparing Gen 18:2,16, 19:1, and many other examples. The messenger-angels when physically manifested, and humans, are of the same biblical kind, and that is the only thing that made the nephilim conception possible. The Bible contains and supports NO CASE of 50/50 interordinal or interkind hybrids (crosses between different kinds, loosely “orders”), and neither does science.

Another big point, in brief summary of my work, that you should understand is that the spirit-type of the child is inherited spiritually, solely from the father of the child (also biblically explained in the above Enoch or demonsnephilim links). So if your paternal line goes back to Adam, you have a human spirit. If your paternal line goes back to a fallen angel, you have a fallen-angel-type spirit and thus become a demon upon death of your mortal body. That’s how it works, see link for explanation, and the nephilim included both male and female nephilim, the nephilim had kids, some nephilim woman had kids with a human man, resulting in a Human-spirit child with a human-body, human DNA, chromosomes, but inheriting some genetic corruption introduced by the nephilim – which resulted not just in gigantism but in 120-year lifespans – which we inherited – So we are all related to the nephilim, and so bloodlines, DNA, and genes are not part of the salvation issue, Noah/humans were being outbred SPIRITUALLY before the flood, not physically, as the nephilim all also had human bodies, just with abnormalities, stemming from the sons of God had human bodies when physically manifested. This is all on my website in detail, if you people would care to bother to read and study it.

The point being there IS a valid theory, a consistent over-arching framework, full of biblical backing, that exists – which explains post-flood giants, the nephilim, fallen angels, all the Bible verses, in such a way to prove out there being no modern nephilim. If you haven’t studied the opponents position, don’t know it, you are in no place to have a debate about it. For years now all I see on that end is ad hominem and faulty reasoning, and nothing dealing with the biblical arguments, and nothing dealing accurately with the science arguments… really what is the point? There is nothing substantial to argue. The only thing you have going for this position’s popularity is playing on people’s ignorance, both of the bible and of science – which I realize is probably unintentional and stemming from your own ignorance. I just feel bad for you, and those misled by you, cause you don’t know what you are talking about and in my estimation are all caught up in the the Christian-side of the strong end times delusion. I feel bad enough for you that I am bothering to write this. I am not sure how I can really help you teachers who are so sure you are right, invested in your teachings, I know you’d have a hell of time admitting publicly you are wrong, or changing your minds, and it’s pretty obvious you are not willing to learn my material before trying to actually rebut it properly.

For example, my work on “False Visions”. No one addresses it, it goes ignored, you don’t understand it, and I see it dismissed under a guise that reflects total misrepresentation of the concept. My work is online free to read, the whole book is free but that does not mean it is of no value: Both the Bible, and science, point to the same conclusion. Fallen angels, as extra-dimensional beings, with “spirit bodies” or “extradimensional bodies”, have the ability to alter reality at a quantum level. They were created to be holy angels with that power, but through free will, fell and now use it for evil.

Due to their power at the quantum level from their extradimensional bodies, they can cause real physical things to manifest, or affect physical reality, at will, by affecting changes from the quantum level up. The Bible calls these “false miracles, signs and wonders”. That can include fire, wind, directly causing scorch marks on the ground from nothing, moving a door, knocking over a lamp, altering film, messing with technological devices, etc. That also means they can physical manifest “false wonders” onto or in the body – they can directly alter the physical body of a human from the quantum level up – which means they can cause a healed cut to appear overnight, cause a bruise, strange rare illness, boils on the skin, scars on the cervix, injury to the genitalia, the appearance of a uterus having been stretched, from direct alteration of the body, from the quantum level up. Nothing needs to hit your arm for a fallen angel to cause a bruise to appear there, there does not need to be any normal physical cause, because they can alter the muscle/tissue/skin from the quantum level up to the macroscopic level, in an instant. The same goes for genitalia and reproductive injuries – they can directly alter the physical body of a human supernaturally. They can use this ability in isolation – you are standing there, nothing happens, you see nothing – but for instance, stigmata suddenly appear and you start bleeding. A fallen angel altered your body directly from the quantum level up – no knife or normal physical cause was needed to pierce your skin. I’m using this as an example because that sort of thing does happen to people, it is reported, and this is how it works. THEREFORE a scarred cervix or uterus DOES NOT mean an actual pregnancy. It happens the same way cuts can suddenly appear on the skin, by direct alteration of the body: scars can appear, triangular marks, scars inside or out, even physical alteration of the uterus or cervix. It is direct physical alteration that fallen angels can do from the quantum level up, due to the extradimensionality of their spirit bodies they were created with.

As far as I can tell, many of the people talking about extradimensionality are confusing it with the science fiction concept of a “parallel universe” or as the term was Borrowed from science “a parallel dimension”. A “parallel universe” is NOT what a “dimension” is in science. The extra dimensions are all around you right where you are – they are here – and they are NOT like the physical dimensions we know, from our perspective. The extra-dimensions of science can correlate to an invisible spiritual realm that is all around us, right here on earth: but these are not physical dimensions – and they are not like the science fiction concept of a “parallel universe or dimension” that reflects the usage of physical dimensions.

This ability to alter physical reality from the quantum level up also means that Fallen angels can directly alter electrical brainwaves and neurochemical signals in the brain, from the quantum level up. This is how fallen angels can cause people to have dreams during sleep. This is also how they can cause people to have “False Visions”.

What is a “False Vision”? (Jer 14:14)
It is when a fallen angel, using their power to alter the physical reality from the quantum level up, directly alters the electrical and neurochemical signals in the brain of a person, so that person receives false signals of physical reality, that duplicate the intensity of electrical and neurochemical signals of actual physical reality, resulting in the affect that the person perceives a false physical reality. So it’s an experience that feels completely real to all of the bodily senses – to the human soul – but this is done by hacking the brain so that false signals of bodily senses are what the soul perceives. A False Vision feels physically real- but it is not. It can contain whatever characters or location the fallen angel wants the person to perceive – but none of it is physical reality – it is just a perception going to the soul, perceived by altering electrical/neurochemical signals in the brain. And fallen angels can cause a group to experience this at the same time, by altering the brain signals of the entire group.

I’ll say it another way. Let’s say the electrical/neurochemical signals in the brain when you are dreaming are X – and a dream is not intense enough to seem real. Ok, then let’s say the electrical/neurochemical in the brain when you are awake in actual reality are X+Y. So “dreams = X” and “perceiving actual reality = X+Y”…. then a “False Vision = X+Y” also. Ok? And when it comes to “astral” or “real-feeling” dreams… which are in between feeling like a dream and feeling like reality… for those, just keep in mind that Fallen Angels can cause electrical/neurochemical signals in the brain that range anywhere from X up to X+Y, such as X+1/2Y.

So False Visions can feel completely physically real, to the soul, and as such they also can cause traumatization just as serious as if they were happening in actual physical reality. And of course, fallen angels cause false signs, miracles, and wonders in conjuction with False Visions – physical manifestations, whether objects moved or changed, or physical injuries or illnesses – towards the purpose of making the victim believe what happened in the False Vision was physically real. That is how elaborate this deception is. And don’t forget that one illness that fallen angels can directly cause to the body, without any conception being involved whatsoever, is the medical illness of “false pregnancy” or pseudocyesis.

So when you lay it all on the table:

– No inter-ordinal or inter-kind 50/50 hybrids backed by science or the Bible – in fact the opposite

– Fallen angels causing False Visions that feel completely real, can be of anything, shared by a group – and this back by the Bible and case reports of physical-feeling experiences where a witness saw the victim was in a trance state (cases in my book)

– Fallen angels having the ability to cause pseudocyesis, other illness, bruises, cuts, scars, healed scars, stigmata – alter the body directly with no physical cause

– The easy possibility of stealing human male victims’ sperm and using it to impregnate human female victims

Seriously, what do you expect, when you ignore all these facts in your research? I am not impressed. My research is ignored by you, and this is what I see: Women who think they have killed and eaten innocent babies – who never killed nor ate an actual baby – because the satanic ritual involved as a False Vision. Women having to live with the guilt and horror of believing they did that – when it was a deception. Women who believe they were raped by family members, who were in a cult – who were in fact never raped by family members – because the experience was a False Vision. I see dysfunctional families, and families torn apart with no end in sight, because women believe what happened in a False Vision was real – when it was not. I see parents isolated from their children and grieving, for no reason. I see Love destroyed. And yes, the victims are traumatized just as much from a False Vision as if they experience was real (yes even bad enough to develop “MPD”), and may need deliverance – but they also need better and more biblical answers – which by ignoring my research, you have not yet even given them the option of considering for themselves. Fallen angels have every trick in their bag that’s needed for this to all be deception, at their disposal, the Bible back it up, and science does not back you up. It’s just downright negligent to these victims to not admit this.

It disgusts me, especially in the light of Doug Riggs patriarchal spiritual abuse of these women in his little Christian cult. That in particular – because it’s mainly women that could be helped by the application of my research into the SRA field – and Riggs in particular (I would think it’s obvious) totally disregards my research, teachings, and insight precisely because I am a woman. Someone like that shouldn’t even be working with women in the first place. Let alone having them be dependent on him for their mental health, brainwashed – while he denies them information they have a right to decide for themselves about. And frankly all of you who support him, and ignore his sexism, and ignore what happened in KS, and how he was ruined these women’s lives, and now is parading them around… you make me shake my head, and I simply have no respect for that. Doug Riggs is too ignorant to even understand what I mean by a “False Vision”, before dismissing it away to these women he has great influence or control over. And too sexist to learn from my research, besides. They have a right to make up their own minds, something they can hardly do while under the influence of any Christian counselor who is caught up in some “return of the nephilim” or Other hysteria and is not any longer objective, or really even doing biblical research, nor open to other people’s research, because their mind is already made up, caught up in some False-Vision-deduced false prophecy hysteria. Such as ”

“The purpose of the hybrid breeding program is to create as many soldiers for their army when they attack God in the BIG WAR since God’s angels outnumber them 2 to 1 so they have to create additional artificial life forms to increase their army.”

Ummm… No, you are not objective, and perhaps you should no longer be working with these victims. “Attack God in the BIG WAR?” That doesn’t even make sense. Jesus is going to annihilate them when He returns… He is God… He can make them melt and disintegrate in an Instant, in the same way He spoke the universe into being… there is none that can stand against Him for 5 minutes, and Satan knows that. They aren’t doing ANYTHING to create an army, certainly not with the goal in mind it will accomplish anything in a BIG WAR. They know their time is up when it is up, and there is nothing they can do. They do this to hurt people, confuse them, and confuse people like you who lose their objectivity and buy into this. And they do this to tickle your imaginations and generate false prophecy. There is no nephilim or hybrid breeding program, or army, save in the False Visions these deceived victims have experienced, and in your own mind as well. Again, you have lost your objectivity, you are so certain it’s all physically real, but what if it’s not? What if most of it is False Visions, that feel real – same as people experience with ghosts, bigfoots, fairies, elves, aliens, orbs, some UFOs, etc? Do you want to try to argue fairies and elves are real? Those “witnesses” claim physical experiences also. How can you possibly help these women come out of delusion, if they are deceived, if you have become deceived yourself?

For these women’s sake, I think you ought to study my research on False Visions, at the least, and present them with it as a possibility, before dismissing it out of hand, and depriving them of it. I see that as negligent, and your obvious lack of objectivity as wrong – for their sake you should stay more objective. By all means I understand you surely are a compassionate person to try to do the work you do, and likely you help many people, but this is a research field, and research changes, you should try to keep up with it and not be so dogmatic and caught up in one view, back up and be objective, for their sake, and your own. I do not want to argue, or deal with ad hominem. I am only interested in debating valid points. If anyone publishes this online they need to do so in it’s entirety, unaltered, not taking quotes out of context. And finally, I sent this trying to help you help these people, so consider that.

-Paradox Brown

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