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Hi, Paradox – I don’t have the time or energy to jump into the lengthy discussion on the PID page, but I did go to the link you provided and read your article/rebuttal on the topic of supposed modern-day Nephilim. Just FYI I have no idea who the guy is who first wrote or anything preceding this. I don’t disagree with you re: modern day Nephilim. This note is about something else you wrote about.

Just wanted to make sure I’m not misunderstanding something I think you’re saying in that letter– namely that there is no such thing as SRA, or Satanic Ritual Abuse? If that’s what you’re saying, I’m disappointed to hear that. Satanic Ritual Abuse or, as may be a more accurate term, Ritual Abuse & Torture, is a very real, very documented thing.

Also seems you’re supporting the “False Memory Syndrome” position? Again, I’d be very sorry to hear that’s the case. That position, and particularly that organization, was created by people who are themselves most likely abusers and who wish to discredit those who bring charges against them.

An excellent factual, scientific, resource on this topic is: Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century: Psychological, Forensic, Social, and Political Considerations by Randy Noblitt and Pamela Perskin Noblitt (Sep 9, 2008) .

Anyway, I’d be more than glad to be told I’ve misunderstood what you are saying

God bless you,


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Hi Anon,

Thanks for writing instead of jumping to a conclusion. I am not saying there is not such thing as SRA, I am not saying it’s all “false memories”, and I do not unilaterally support the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. So yeah, misunderstanding on all accounts.

I find the reason this happens sometimes is because people are used to dichotomous thinking. It’s like most people think, Republican or Democrat. Then there’s some who are aware there’s that zany 3rd party option. And then there’s someone like me who sees it all more as a puppet show, and the Illuminati/shadow government is really running things. It’s kinda like that, there’s this same dichotomous thinking about the topic of SRA, if it exists, “false memories”, and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. I can easily get pegged into a wrong category for that reason, because I fall under a 3rd option.

I believe SRA reports can be attributable to real humans committing crimes, in some cases.
I believe SRA reports can be attributable to fallen angels causing False Visions, in some cases (very much like other paranormal accounts, abductions, ghosts, bigfoot, etc. which feel real.)
I believe SRA reports can be attributable to demonic oppression, resulting in “false memories” which feel like real memories, in some cases.

I believe 1 individual SRA victim can theoretically have any of these 3 categories in which to place each particular one of their experiences (each event) – ie some experiences were people responsible for the crime of SRA, other’s were False Visions caused by fallen angels and felt real but were deceptive supernatural experiences (yet the event happened at the time in their life they remembered it happened, and was a real experience for them, though supernatural and powerfully deceptive), others are additionally false memories caused by demonic oppression (which events did not happen).

And I do think it’s possible that over 50% of the SRA cases being reported are False Vision experiences. And I do think that False Vision experiences are both real and traumatic enough to precipitate repressed memories, demonization, “MPD”, “PTSD” and other such effects normally attributed to only to “real events caused by people”.

I believe that people can have repressed memories which come back later in life. It’d be hard for me to deny that seeing as I have experienced that myself, and been through the painful process that accompanies such recovery, myself. I also think demonic oppression can result in “false memories” and I have experienced that myself also, and later realized it. Additionally, I can say I personally have experience both repressed memories coming back of False Visions, and repressed memories coming back of verifiable events which involved real people. I have had memories come back both which were verifiable with objective evidence that could stand up as proof in court, and memories come back in which there was no solid evidence, but only circumstantial evidence which could not prove anything in a court. Part of what I have experienced, is in an audio we did sharing some of my testimony: http://www.alienresistance.org/coffee-with-alien-resistance-episode-2/

I have been there, I have done that, I have been through the maze – and what bothers me is that many of the victims are only getting dichotomous options, when the reality of what happened to them involved more than many of the researchers and counselors out there even seem to be aware of. They are in a maze, that is not without politics and positions involved, and none of that side-taking is really relevant to them getting freedom. It’s the truth that sets people free, and to have freedom they need the truth. If the truth they are being offered is only 2 options, and neither is correct in their case because a 3rd option is true, then they aren’t getting full freedom. Which is why I have said that I think understanding False Visions is pretty much invaluable for SRA counselors, and why I am not satisfied with the few Christian SRA experts who have read or heard of my research not applying it into their practice as a viable 3rd option that should be presented and explained to victims of SRA, as False Visions can be indistinguishable from objective reality, and just as traumatic in every way, and so could result in “MPD” and repressed memories. Everything in my book The Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen Angels is applicable into SRA scenarios, not in all, but definitely in some cases. http://paradoxbrown.com/biblephysicsfallenangels.htm/ I really will not be satisfied until this option is getting taken more seriously and presented by Christian counselors of SRA victims to those victims, and explained to them, so they can consider it as an option. My dissatisfaction with a couple of them revolves around them brushing aside my Biblical research without really considering it or understanding it.

As to the FMSF, I have both quoted the FMSF in defense of real memories I have recovered, and quoted them in defense of the existence of “false memories” as a phenomenon as well. I do believe some of the accounts of “false memories” on their website are valid accounts, often victims of demonic oppression accompanying hypnosis/enchantment and a suggestible state. When it comes to the FMSF my position is also a mixed bag. I do think there are some families that have been falsely accused, and some people who are victims of “false memories” (as a phenomenon) which destroyed their relationships and lives for years. On the other hand, I see how easily criminal perpetrators of SRA and other types of abuse may have grabbed hold of “false memory” theory, used it in denying actual crimes, and may have their hand in the FMSF. But even if it is corrupt or corrupt people are involved (which I do not know because I have not looked into that thoroughly enough to comment on the FMSF organization in particular) that does not negate the existence of the “false memory phenomenon” and that some people have been victims of it as well, I believe from demonic oppression (and that’s whether they have been involved with the practice of hypnosis/enchantment, or independently aside from other human involvement.) I don’t know when I’ll have time to read the link you sent, but I can find it entirely plausible that the organization had it’s beginnings in an agenda by the corrupt, but that still would not negate that some of the testimonials volunteered for their site may be valid, and I do still think the “false memory phenomena” happens also, along with other options, including False Visions, and real Satanists. But it varies case by case, and even down to individual events in each individual case.

The web of deception of the enemy is very complex topic which requires “both/and” thinking, not “either/or”. I think Christians making this something political really overlooks the needs of the victims. I really do think there are families who have been torn apart with false accusations, and victims which remain under lies of fallen angels deception stemming from having experienced False Visions, and these victims of SRA experiences are not getting what they need in the way of help. I’m not blaming the field as a whole or anything like that, nor am I denying the very real experiences and trauma of the victims. I’m just saying fallen angels can cause False Vision experiences of family members, politicians, military doing things, and the experiences can feel completely real, but they are powerfully deceptive supernatural experiences. Memories of False Vision experiences can be repressed, recovered, and result in “MPD” and demonic oppression issues, the same as real events caused by real people. I’d just like my research, new research into this field, to be accounted for and presented to victims of SRA as an option, then let God lead them into the truth, but it’s negligent for those who are aware of this option to ignore this research. I would just like to see people get freedom in the truth, and for some progress to be made in the field of Christian SRA counseling and spiritual warfare, as is fitting to this understanding. That’s it.

If the article is confusing enough that you wrote, I don’t want to be misunderstood, then maybe I should post something to clarify. Would you mind if I took out your name and posted this as a Q & A? Thank you for writing and alerting this to my attention. Always good to hear from you. Thank you very much for your support of the ministry work we do.

God Bless You! 🙂



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