No Modern Hybrid Breeding Program by Guy Malone

I think that yes, there SEEMS to be a breeding program currently ongoing… there’s much anecdotal evidence to support belief in this idea… BUT I don’t think that there actually is a breeding program in fact underway – at least not to date.

I am of course aware of Dr David Jacob’s work in this field of inquiry and speculation, and feel that he and many others are accurately reporting what abductees (especially female ones) BELIEVE is happening to them. However, I’ve come to believe that what people believe is happening (like I said earlier) is a visionary experience initiated by fallen angels, and is simply another very large component of “the alien agenda.” The agenda is not so much hybridization in my view, but rather *creating a belief system* that hybridization is currently ongoing. But I don’t believe that hybridization is actually occurring right now.

For starters, I have yet to see any evidence or solid proof that this is occurring – all of the anecdotal evidence and reports I am aware of can be explained equally as well in ways that do not require hybridization to be taking place today. Additionally, I’ve seen that modern science supports what Genesis Ch 1, Ch 6, Ch 7, Leviticus Ch 11, and Deut Ch 14 teach repeatedly – that kind only produces after its own kind. Hybridization amongst different species is unsuccessful or downright impossible, and on the rare occasions that two similar enough species can be crossed, the resulting offspring is sterile, or seedless (mules and yummy tangelos come to mind, for instance).

If one argues that true physical aliens are hybridizing with humans, even in the remote unlikelihood that it were successful, the line would stop with the hybrid, as physical reality and all of recorded history shows that hybrids are sterile. No long-term, multi-generational “best of both worlds” hybrid (such as suggested by Stephen Spielberg’s mini-series “Taken”) could ever result from such a process.

But in Christian ufology circles, we correctly argue that in Genesis 6, fallen angels procreated with human women. It does seem that (probably because the angels shed their first estate to become near-fully human in physical manifestation) that the hybrid Nephilim resulted, and they were not sterile, as the genetic susceptibility for human gigantism continued and passed through the time of the flood (probably through one of Noah’s sons’ wives…). So, many Christians argue today, as I did for years, that what we are calling “aliens” are really fallen angels mating with humans again, pointing to Jesus’ “as in the days of Noah” comments from Matthew 24.

So here’s the problem…
My views on this possibility have been changing, with a further focus on something Dr. Heiser has presented- that the term “and also after that” may be better translated as “whenever”. If this is a more accurate translation, then Gen 6:4 would read, “there were nephilim on the earth in those days whenever the sons of God went into the daughters of man…” This seems to mean that a giant of Nephilim proportions is what is produced whenever fallen angels interbreed with humans. If this is what the Word of God teaches, then it can be seen as a theological absolute that modern “hybrids” or “Nephilim” would have to be giants of Nephilim proportions. It seems illogical to argue, merely from abduction reports caused by known deceptive entities, that fallen angels somehow found a way to “dampen” the “giants” issue, to more successfully blend in with humanity today, but it is perhaps unbiblical as well. IF angels are IN FACT mating and reproducing with humans today, why are there no 30 foot tall giants walking around? If angels and humans procreating produces Nephilim giants, plain and simple: where are they today?

I find that I agree with Joe Jordan’s, Michael Heiser’s, Gary Bates’ and my wife (Nicole Malone)’s stated opinions that fallen angels are more correctly creating a “belief system” that hybridization is currently happening. Joe Jordan posits that all those stories of underground laboratories where women get to see and hold their alleged “hybrid” children is simply a “hook” to keep women loyal and obedient to their fallen angel/alien abductors. Joe has said of women who hold on to this belief system, that he is unable to help them get finally and fully free from the abduction experience, and from regular visitations from these fallen angels claiming to be aliens. But those who abandon the belief that they have a hybrid son or daughter being tended to by the aliens/angels do indeed find freedom from the experience. That in itself should tell us much.

I genuinely believe (true physical alien belief systems aside) that wicked angels are merely capitalizing on your, my, and many others’ work in promoting a correct HISTORICAL understanding of Genesis 6 to make it seem like they have more power than they do today, and to keep people (especially females) bound to their unholy influence. Remember also – that God punished the original “invasion cadre” of Genesis 6 angels by placing them in tartarus until the end of the age… is this crime still punishable by the same sentence? Food for thought… Fallen angels may be wanting humans to believe they are hybridizing us today, but there’s a chance that they’re actually afraid to do so because they now know what the punishment will be! It may even be that in the near future, a repeat of the “days of Noah” where human women are producing the hybrid progeny of fallen angels (nephilim) is still to come. However, as I said in my 2005 Ancient of Days lecture, I do not believe that we are quite there yet.

I’ve also seen that belief in a modern hybridization phenomenon can bear some VERY bad fruit! There are actually Christians today teaching that these ALLEGED human-looking hybrids can’t be saved. The Gospel of Jesus Christ can become diluted among those who believe in the hybridization “reality” AND to those whom they should be preaching it to…

I’ve actually heard from one new Christian, that those very people who led him to Christ later turned and shunned him and would not fellowship with him, based on their new-found belief that he was a hybrid, and therefore wasn’t really saved. They based this belief on some things they perceived to be odd about him (he had an Autism Spectrum condition), and more than anything – their own paranoia and fear of human-looking hybrid infiltration. I’ve also actually met and ministered to a young woman who believed she was a hybrid, and a Nephilim. She didn’t even believe she could be saved in Christ, even though she wanted to be. It took some seriously inspired scriptural revelation delivered to her via Pastor Chris Ward and later myself to convince her that she and her family really could be saved by Jesus Christ. She had been told by a pastor of a church that if she was a Nephilim (as she strongly believed), that she could not possibly be saved, and would be condemned by her very blood.

How many more are out there I’m forced to wonder? I’m personally finding repeatedly that one bad fruit of a belief in modern hybridization is that the simple, pure gospel’s power is being robbed. This to me, is a successful dimension of the “alien agenda” in that you have real people believing today that the gospel can’t apply to them, and you have Christians believing that the gospel can’t save everyone they meet and therefore shouldn’t be preached or offered to “all creation / every creature.” Sorry to put it this way, but score one for the alien agenda. This belief system needs some serious examination and possibly revision by those of us most prominent in this field.

-Guy Malone


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