‘Modern Nephilim Hybrids’ Can Be Saved in Jesus Christ

The matter of the eternal salvation or condemnation of another human being is nothing to be trifled with. Certainly when it comes to a Christian offering the Gospel to anyone and everyone, it is a very serious matter for any Christian to “debate” over whether another person “can” be saved or not, especially a person who says they want to be. Lately, I have heard this very question being asked by L.A. Marzulli, and I have even heard statements being made that some people cannot be saved, those thought to be modern “nephilim” or “hybrids”, like this is some light mattered to be trifled with.

I do not think that God thinks so. “And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who does not believe will be condemned.” -Mark 16:15-16

The Evidence that any “Modern Nephilim Hybrid” can come to salvation in Jesus Christ is found in the testimony of experienced Christian ministers who have witnessed “Modern Nephilim Hybrids” come to salvation in Jesus Christ, led them to Christ, and known them as Christian brothers and sisters!

From an interview with Pastor Chris Ward, P.P.&S. News Magazine:
“L. A.: In our conversation you mentioned that you have encountered what you believe to
be modern Nephilim. While this is controversial can you explain your position?

Pastor Chris Ward: Yes, I have several clients that claim to be hybrids—the children of fallen angels
mating with women or men. Their stories are identical to the clients that report incubus
and succubus
except that UFOs, aliens, Reptilians, Grays, and E.B.Es are mentioned…

L. A.: Assuming that these Nephilim hybrids are real, do you think they can be
redeemed, and if so why?

Pastor Chris Ward: Yes, absolutely. Jesus died for the sins of the whole world…
I have had the honor and privilege to lead several hybrids to the Lord.”
Pastor Ward mentions Incubus and Succubus. What do we know from the historical accounts of Incubus and Succubus?

“Many persons affirm that they have had the experience, or have heard from such as have experienced it… whom the common folk call incubi, have often presented themselves before women, and have sought and procured intercourse with them. Still if some are occasionally begotten from demons, it is not from the seed of such demons, nor from their assumed bodies, but from the seed of men taken for the purpose; as when the demon assumes first the form of a woman, and afterwards of a man… so that the person born is not the child of a demon, but of a man.
-Summa Theologica, Saint Thomas Aquinas, 1200s

Historically it was thought that children of female victims of these occurrences were human, and begotten of the seed taken from male victims.

Assuming in Dan 2:43 that “they” does not simply refer to the two parts of iron and clay (which it seems to), and assuming in Dan 2:43 that “they” refers to fallen angels, and then looking at what the Hebrew words actually mean, then what Dan 2:43 really would say – is that “fallen angels” will traffic in the “seed of men” in a “reproductive component” sense of the word “seed”, meaning human sperm (or eggs), but that the fallen angels will NOT sexually join themselves to the eggs or sperm, aka no hybridization, no modern nephilim. Assuming all this, Dan 2:43 points to a major deception, an illusion of fallen angels siring children, when in fact the sperm used was stolen from human men, then used to impregnate human women, making the children to actually be entirely human. (See more on Dan 2:43 at the articles to the left.)

In any case, this is as distinct a possibility as it ever was, and in and of itself shows the fallacy of anyone stating conclusively that there are human-looking “Modern Nephilim Hybrids”, that they are among us, or that they cannot be saved. There is absolutely no conclusive proof that they exist, let alone living among us living human lives. All of the particulars heard of supernatural or paranormal activity surrounding a theoretical conception can be explained as deceptive False Visions caused by fallen angels. Any theoretical conception itself, resulting in a human-looking child, could easily be explained as conceived from human sperm stolen from male victims. Non-human looking, part alien or other, looking children can also be explained as a deception, not objectively real, but rather part of the False Vision experience itself, as these experiences feel real to all of the bodily senses, both internally and externally. As such there is simply no reason to think that there are modern nephilim hybrids among us today, as all of the case reports can be explained by other options, especially keeping in mind the deceptive nature and agenda of these entities, and the supernatural abilities they possess, especially as there is NO proof to date of actual hybrids being conceived or born.

This website’s purpose is to let those who believe they are nephilim/hybrids know that they can be saved by faith in Jesus Christ, to debunk the “modern nephilim hybrid” myth, and to reassure those who believe they are nephilim/hybrids that they are not nephilim/hybrids, but are human beings. The materials linked to the left are designed to help you to understand that there are no “modern nephilim hybrids”, and if in fact you believe you are nephilim, or part-nephilim, or that other people among us today are, that you have been deceived. I hope this information will be helpful to you.

Former experiencers describe how God has shown them that they had deceptive experiences, that while sometimes leaving physical injuries, the content of what was seen during these supernatural attack experiences was all spiritual and deception.
Here are a couple clips from the testimony of Joyce and Dan, a mother and son delivered from multi-generational abduction experiences. Joyce tells of her experiences, and makes clear she knows her pregnancy and seeing a hybrid baby was a very real supernatural deception. Lynne shares about knowing her experiences were as well, and they both comment on the modern hybrid deception.
This Bible study tells about how deceptively real and traumatic supernatural experiences can be, and how completely real False Visions caused by fallen angels can seem. All of this attests to reports of “Modern Nephilim Hybrids” being based on powerfully deceptive supernatural experiences; a strong delusion.

Bad fruits of a fixation on this topic, or belief in this, can be heard in the testimonies of Christians, who are now former experiencers, freed from paranormal attacks. This is a clip from the testimony of Mary, who says her interest in this and related topics weakened her faith, and kept her under spiritual attack. Lynne also gives testimony of the same sort of problems.
There has been a growing problem for some time on the issue of “Modern Nephilim Hybrids”, as Guy Malone has stated:

“I’ve also seen that belief in a modern hybridization phenomenon can bear some VERY bad fruit! There are actually Christians today teaching that these ALLEGED human-looking hybrids can’t be saved. The Gospel of Jesus Christ can become diluted among those who believe in the hybridization “reality” AND to those whom they should be preaching it to…

I’ve actually heard from one new Christian, that those very people who led him to Christ later turned and shunned him and would not fellowship with him, based on their new-found belief that he was a hybrid, and therefore wasn’t really saved. They based this belief on some things they perceived to be odd about him (he had an Autism Spectrum condition), and more than anything – their own paranoia and fear of human-looking hybrid infiltration. I’ve also actually met and ministered to a young woman who believed she was a hybrid, and a Nephilim. She didn’t even believe she could be saved in Christ, even though she wanted to be. It took some seriously inspired scriptural revelation delivered to her via Pastor Chris Ward and later myself to convince her that she and her family really could be saved by Jesus Christ. She had been told by a pastor of a church that if she was a Nephilim (as she strongly believed), that she could not possibly be saved, and would be condemned by her very blood.

How many more are out there I’m forced to wonder? I’m personally finding repeatedly that one bad fruit of a belief in modern hybridization is that the simple, pure gospel’s power is being robbed. This to me, is a successful dimension of the “alien agenda” in that you have real people believing today that the gospel can’t apply to them, and you have Christians believing that the gospel can’t save everyone they meet and therefore shouldn’t be preached or offered to “all creation / every creature.” Sorry to put it this way, but score one for the alien agenda. This belief system needs some serious examination and possibly revision by those of us most prominent in this field.”

– from No Modern Hybrid Breeding Program, by Guy Malone


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