Modern Nephilim Hybrid Deception Part 6 – Why?

As the “modern nephilim” claim and scriptural argument is peculiar to those who accept the “sons of God” to be angels in Gen 6, this series of articles on this assumes this stance for the sake or arguing what the rest of scripture would show, if this assumption was true.
What is the Point of this “Modern Nephilim Hybrid” Deception?
To answer this question, let’s look at the ripening fruits:

  1. There are people who believe others around them, who appear human, may actually be Nephilim, who cannot be saved and are not eligible for salvation.

  3. These people who believe there are Nephilim around them in some cases suffer from fear, symptoms of paranoia, and especially they have a fixation of being guarded of those around them “in case” they might get fooled by a Nephilim. Additionally they spend time focusing on this topic, that they could be spending focusing on God, their family, local fellowship, studying the Bible, doing good works, and the process of personal growth as a Christian.

  5. There are people who believe that they themselves are Nephilim, and are not eligible for salvation, even being told this by Christians.

  7. For those who believe they themselves are Nephilim, there is the torment of believing they are doomed to hell, that God has made no provision for them, no matter what they do, even if they want to repent of their sins and ask Jesus Christ to save them, that they are doomed to hell.

  9. There is a solid message in the Christian Ufology ministry field which is usable towards reaching the average church with valid information about the “alien” deception. This message is founded on several points:
    A. The messages received by abductees from these entities are markedly anti-Biblical and antichrist.
    B. These entities cause abductees to have experiences which parallel the dreams, visionary experiences, and even stories of possession which are attributed to fallen angels/ demons in the Bible.
    C. Abduction experiences stop in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, and can be terminated as a life pattern. An abductee can be set free from these experiences by Jesus Christ, and show the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their life, as God enables them to overcome as Christians, closing this chapter in their lives, and starting in a new chapter with a testimony of victory over this deception.
    D. The UFO/Alien topic serves to further public belief in evolution, even to the point of belief that aliens evolved humanity, rather than God created humanity. In this a belief in actual aliens serves to contradict and undermine the Bible in it’s message that we were created by God, that God created mankind in His image, the earth to be inhabited, and the stars and planets to be for signs and seasons, etc.
    E. In the Bible, end-time prophecy points to an Antichrist ruler over a united planet, and “3 evil spirits like frogs” (frogs are very similar to the common gray alien description Rev 16:13-14) who unite the armies of the world to battle against Jesus Christ as He returns. This may be indicative that the growing belief in alien life and reports of UFOs will culminate in a full-blown satanic deception against the world, a “UFO/Alien Disclosure” by world officials that aliens are real, serving to unite the world’s governments under this Antichrist one-world ruler. Christians should be aware that this course of events would be a deception, in the event that this interpretation of prophecy might occur.

An effect of the “Modern Nephilim Hybrid” teaching is to draw focus away from these points of valid research and teaching, and instead put this focus on teaching the church:

A. The experiences with the fallen entities can be used to glean valuable information about what is going on in the world and their game-plan. (Such as the existence of secret military underground bases, a hollow earth where Nazis live, details on the technology used to power spaceships, time travel and wormholes, and of course on where the “Modern Nephilim Hybrids” are, what they are doing, whether they work for or have replaced the illuminati, etc.)

B. The experiences are physically real, of real places and people and physical entities. The assumption is that the Bible surely must have some comment on these experiences, and the scriptures surely must contain truth that can be gleaned from these interactions with fallen entities. The search in the Bible for truth (and Bible interpretation) focuses on matching what is gleaned by those under attack by fallen entities with the Bible, using these deceptive supernatural experiences as a starting point.

C. Abduction experiences can be stopped to some extent, but in regards to the people involved such as the military, Nazis, illuminati, occultists, and of course the very real physical entities, the “Modern Nephilim Hybrids”, along with their very real physical advanced technology: experiences with them are more difficult for Jesus Christ to stop because these are real physical people/beings existing in the objective physical world, who have free will to get violent with abductees like any other person could. With the advantages of advanced technology almost indistinguishable from magic in it’s power, and secret locations to hide in, and shadow government backing to cover-up all they do, Abductees who have dealt with these people/entities have a harder time getting them out of their life, because we are not talking about just demons or fallen angels who can be rebuked in spiritual warfare and disappear, but other living people/creatures who are secretive criminals.
In other words: Jesus Christ can only do so much.

D. Evolution and panspermia are bad, but the same time, babies are being made who have been enhanced by “Fallen Angel DNA” to have super-human powers, who are part Nephilim or of a Nephilim bloodline, and so human women are having children who are no longer human but something different. There are people around who are Nephilim, but look human, or ½ Nephilim of a second generation, or ¼ Nephilim third generation, etc. Whether these people can be saved by Jesus Christ is debatable, because of their bloodline, as full-blown Nephilim people could have demon-souls. They also have made Nephilim who look like half-gray aliens, half-reptilians, etc. Unfortunately those who are human-looking “Modern Nephilim Hybrids” among us, cannot be identified because they look human, and those who look like half-aliens are stored away in secret underground military bases, the hollow earth, and in outerspace (the second heaven), so their existence also cannot be verified.

E. The central focus of Bible prophecy in the end-times is the revealing of the “Modern Nephilim Hybrids”, and the biggest indicator to watch out for is that the world will be “as in the days of Noah” in which there were Giants (Nephilim) around. The church needs to be aware that the amassed armies of “Modern Nephilim Hybrids” are going to burst forth from their secret underground lairs, and out of outerspace (the second heaven). This will happen at the same time as a mass violent uprising from the “Modern Nephilim Hybrids” that are among us (of whatever generation, or super-human enhancement with Nephilim DNA) who look human and have already infiltrated society, posed as innocent neighbors, friends, or even family members. Their violent chaos will frighten everyone and usher in a united world and one-world ruler Antichrist.

6.  Abductees confused that there are “Modern Nephilim Hybrids” seem utterly convinced that their personal experiences either could not of in the past, nor can presently, be stopped in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. This is majorly to their detriment in both being set free from these experiences, and coming to process their supernatural experiences in the past.
7. Some abductees who have had “Modern Nephilim Hybrids” in their experiences, or who believe in such, and who seem in need of much further help in healing, despite being Christian, seem to be angry at Christian researchers and ministers who say there are no “Modern Nephilim Hybrids”. It has reached a point where one such Christian researcher has received a threat of violence, and was accused of working for the “Modern Nephilim Hybrids”, and accused of being paid by the “Modern Nephilim Hybrids” to cover up their existence by spreading “disinformation”.
8. Some Christian former abductees who believe in “Modern Nephilim Hybrids” seem especially scared of them having infiltrated society, being vulnerable to danger from them, show symptoms of paranoia, and seem to have a solid fixation on learning more on the topic to prepare themselves, such as buying new books, buying videos, keeping up with paid newsletter subscriptions and radio shows, etc. which bring in new information on the “Modern Nephilim Hybrids”.
9. Many alien abductees who are lost identify themselves as “hybrids” and believe themselves to be part-alien. If these lost people come across this “Modern Nephilim Hybrid” teachings they will likely feel offended by Christians and Christianity. It is a stumbling block to them receiving salvation, especially in open teachings that combine “aliens = fallen angels” with “hybrids = Nephilim” and that “Modern Nephilim Hybrids” cannot be saved.
10. This hasn’t happened yet, but it is quite possible that some unstable Christian might do something violent against a person they perceive to be a “Modern Nephilim Hybrid” or someone they perceive to be working with/for a “Modern Nephilim Hybrid” or against a lost abductee who claims to be a “hybrid”.
11. It is entirely possible that should this belief become widespread, in conjunction with a UFO disclosure endtimes event, if many people would become convinced that they are “modern nephilim hybrids” that cannot be saved anyway, these people might have no reason to resist taking the Mark of the Beast.

Modern Nephilim Hybrid Deception 6-Part Series
by Paradox Brown


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