Paradox Rebuts “Giants: Hiding in Plain Sight” – Prophecy in the News – with Gary Stearman, LA Marzulli, and Russ Dizdar

Paradox Rebuts “Giants: Hiding in Plain Sight” – Prophecy in the News – with Gary Stearman, LA Marzulli, and Russ Dizdar

[I don’t normally have the time to do this, and maybe if you read this it’ll explain why – there is simply too much overflow of the same nonsense, over and over, for me to address every piece that comes out on nephilim that is flawed.]

Some of these are exact quotations, some just reference the topic.

(Time) 1:33 LA Marzulli (LA) “The angels descend in the days of Jared”

Paradox Brown(PB): LA is pulling this from Enoch – which is not scripture – and it’s not from the Bible. Jared was born about 460 after creation. The Bible indicates Gen 6:1 & 4 “in those days” what days? “when man began to multiply and daughters were born unto them” when was that? Before Gen 4:17 because of Cain’s wife, and certainly prior to Gen 4:26. Line up the dates, that is less than 250 years after creation. It arguably started with Adam and Eve’s daughters born in the same time-frame as Cain’s wife.

1:55 LA “this went on for 4-500 years”

PB: No. Gen 6:1 & 4 “in those days” what days? “when man began to multiply and daughters were born unto them” when was that? Earliest would be Adam and Eve’s daughters same time as Cain’s wife, latest would be Cain’s generations in Nod, at the latest it started prior to 250 after creation. “in those days and also after that” what does that mean? This started prior to 250 AC (those days) and continued (and also after that) up until the Flood 1656 AC. That’s 1406 years of this intermixing and having nephilim children activity, not 400-500 years.

2:38 Gary Stearman (GS) “We are living in the days of Noah right now – Jesus said As in the days of noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the son of Man – we’re there – we need to understand this for that reason”

PB: GS does not complete the verse in Matt 24, or include the parallel in Luke 17 to the days of Lot – Jesus said it would be like the days of Noah in the capacity of the flood catching people by surprise, like the days of Lot in Sodom being destroyed also catching people by surprise. GS also misquotes Jesus who said “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” NOT “so shall also THE DAYS of the coming of the Son of man be”. Jesus did not say these last days would be like the days of Noah wholesale – but rather the truth is that as part of the parable of the fig tree, Jesus was warning people in the last days would be caught by surprise AS in the days of Noah people were caught by surprise at the Flood.

2:57 LA “Well, why would Jesus, out of every place He could warn us in scripture, he picks that one scripture, he says “as in the days of Noah”, so He’s pointing back to the days of Noah, out of the Entire Tanakh, he points, something happened in the days of Noah which differentiates it from any other time in history, and in my opinion it is the presence of the fallen angels…. nephilim….”

PB: Matt 24 is actually rather self-explanatory that Jesus was referring to that time in history because of the worldwide cataclysm of the Flood, and it catching people by surprise. Similar to Sodom – quick unexpected destruction.

All you have to do is read the passage and it explains this. Matt 24 lists very clearly in the passage actual signs of the end times in verses 4-31. Jesus did not bother to mention a return of the nephilim. Then he starts the parable of the fig tree in verse 32, including up through verse 37 which starts the analogy about the surprise of the Flood in Noah’s day.

3:27 LA “Otherwise we’re looking at a God who’s like ‘I don’t like what these people are doing, I’m going to wipe them all out’. Any time in scripture we see the presence of a nephilim, the judgment is always the same, there’s never any grace or mercy, the judgment is the same, the nephilim are condemned and they are destroyed. Not only then in Gen 6 but “also afterwards”. Of course we’re speaking about when the spies go into the promised land, the nephilim are there.”

PB: The spies report in Num 13:33 was called “slander” by God In Num 13:32,36, and then God killed the spies by a plague in His presence for their slanderous report in Num 14:36. They did see Anakim there, a giant people, but they were NOT nephilim – the report was slanderous. Anakim elsewhere are called “Rephaim” which seems to be the broadest term for HUMAN giants after the Flood. There were no nephilim after the Flood. “Also afterwards” does not refer to the time after the Flood, it refers to from when the intermixing started (prior to 250 AC) and also afterwards from there on, up to the Flood of Noah’s time some 1400 years later. The nephilim stopped at the Flood.

If you knew more about gigantism as the sad human medical condition that it is, then maybe you would see God’s mercy and grace on the tribes of Rephaim God wiped out. Just like today, some pituitary gigantism in humans can be hereditary and is a Dominant trait. Because those people back then practiced inbreeding, it seems like that Dominant trait of gigantism got so bad that whole inbred tribes all had gigantism. And all of their kids would also have gigantism because it’s a dominant trait that had been reinforced. It’s a sad medical condition that can become hereditary – and it was a mercy and with grace, and within God’s rights to wipe out certain tribes of Rephaim, human giants, because all their kids would have this deforming and painful medical condition. It’s really sad. Also sad is that you are still slandering these human giants as being Nephilim, just like the spies who God condemned to death for their slander. The same spies whose slander tempted the people to sin and rebel against God, causing them to wander in the desert for 40 years. How many people are wandering around in the wilderness because you still don’t get the point of the story? The spies slandered human giants by calling them nephilim, which scared the people, and so they disobeyed God. You are doing the same thing as the spies.

5:00 or so… nephilim mounds, ancient artifact, etc. etc. What artifact is Russ Dizdar (RD) talking about?

PB Googles “nephilim mounds artifact” finds quote LA’s blog “Marzulli and Dizdar are going to take you on a world tour, complete with the gigantic exploits of these supermen. Most of this “Nephilim architecture” cannot be duplicated today. How would one go about moving a 1000-TON stone like the ones at Baalbek, some the size of a school bus?”

PB: First off, the worldwide Flood destroyed everything – all of these mounds (pyramids, temples, ancient structures, etc.) all were built AFTER the flood and the Flood wiped out the nephilim. So at best, you could argue for human giants skeletons, human giants to have built structures – at best. Secondly, wow, you guys are actually using the same lame arguments as the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series, but then arguing it was nephilim instead of aliens? Seriously?! I guess you guys didn’t bother to watch Chris White’s excellent Ancient Aliens Debunked video before this post from April 2013 – but it had been out for many months by then, including this part on Baalbek: Why don’t you just take everything that secular New Agers say “aliens” did in the past, and then substitute the word “nephilim”. Pretty soon no one in the secular world will see any difference between what Christians and secular New Agers under Satan’s agenda are teaching, except for some terminology. Way to pave the road for the antichrist! Get it? … “pave the road”.. get it? Oh, nevermind…

Seriously, who the heck cares what ancient structures some humans (giants or otherwise) built, even under demonic or fallen angelic influence, as part of their demonic false religions? That’s not the Bible, it’s not Christian, there’s not some new truth to be found outside of God’s Word, in studying all that.

Also from LA’s blog: “Enter L.A. Marzulli, a man on the trail of the Nephilim. Forget Indiana Jones. Marzulli has been relentless, almost desperate to give credibility to the biblical account. Where are the skeletons? Where are the gigantic skulls? Where are the DNA samples from these monsters? What became of them?”

You must mean the 4th Indiana Jones movie. I didn’t like it much. Where are the bones? At least some of them, according to the Bible, compose the walls of Sheol, near the Abyss – very deep under the earth’s crust under some of the deepest parts of the ocean. If you guys kept up with my research on Eze 31 and 32 you would know this already. Other top places would be them found along with dinosaur bones (hasn’t happened that I’m aware of) or they got turned into oil or coal – like the rest of the foliage and dino remains from before the Flood. Maybe you are pumping a nephilim at the gas station along with a dinosaur. You are probably mostly or more likely completely looking at Rephaim (human giants) skeletons that are buried on the surface of the earth, that are found occasionally, all from the post-flood post-Babel world.

6:00 GS “We’re finding artifacts that suggest the biblical narrative reaches out to our own time”

PB: Yeah, if you mean human giants after the flood – Rephaim – you can go rent the Princess Bride or Rush Hour 3 and get that.

6:20 GS reads Gen 6:1-3 “my spirit shall not always strive with man…” and then stops right there.

PB: Why not finish the rest of the verse? Don’t get the significance? Why does everyone just skip over that whole “120 year” thing in Gen 6:3? First, angels take women as wives, next God speaks and says man will only live 120 years, and finally the angels and women have their kids their nephilim, who are giants. My research points out that the nephilim were the first to live 120 years, because who was God speaking to? The parents of the nephilim – about their kids. That is straightforward. Their kids had 2 abnormalities – the daughters of Adam were of a pure line that lived 850 years on average – and the angels lived with immortal bodies – but yet their children would only live 120 years, a 1st genetic abnormality, and 2nd they had gigantism.

Humans since the flood have had gigantism, and since soon after, only have lived 120 years. That’s surely because the nephilim had human bodies, they are called “men” – and intermixed with Adam’s line. There’s no reason to think the nephilim were all male, but female are allowable in the Hebrew also since the nephilim were a tribe. Usually tribes have men and women. Nothing says they were all men in the Hebrew. The physical bodies aren’t even what is important – it’s the spiritual paternal line that determined if their spirits were human, or if they were to become demons. I explain all this on my website. We are all carrying genetics from the nephilim – living no more than 120 years – so bloodlines and genetics don’t even matter – our paternal spiritual lineage all traces back to Noah and all giants since the Flood are humans. People cut the verse just short of the most interesting and relevant part – Gen 6:3 – which is evidence we are all descended from a nephilim (woman) – but we are all human spiritually and redeemable because of the shared human paternal ancestor – Noah.

Errk. and

7:10 LA 3 angels with Abraham LA “this is not some sort of delusion, Abraham and the crew are not under some sort of hypnotic spell”

PB: Oh, I see this strawman for what it is – defensive a little? I don’t claim delusions or hypnotic spells explain what abductees and other paranormal experiencers have experienced – no matter anyone’s misportrayal of what I teach. I mainly teach about False Visions in explaining the paranormal. You aren’t helping abductees or anyone by overemphasizing physical manifestations of angels in the Bible, while ignoring the many other times angels are said to cause visions. Fallen angels can cause False Visions – which feel real to the bodily senses but are spiritual experiences. False Visions can be used deceptively by fallen angels – I have experienced them myself – so have many abductees. Physical injuries can accompany them, etc. There are various tools that fallen angels can use – from physical manifestation, to “False Visions”, to “Terrifying Dreams”, to demonic or hypnotic implanted memories, “enchantment”. That’s at least 4 options – all Biblically validated. It does no good to ignore 3 valid biblical options and just to push 1, solely physical manifestation, because of a desire to prove there are physical hybrids or modern nephilim.

7:30 GS (on angels) “They can manifest a physical form, and in fact, this is something they deeply desire to do”

PB: I don’t know where you are getting that from, but I don’t see jack in scripture telling us this. How do you know the deep desires of angels or fallen angels when the Bible doesn’t say it?

8:52 GS “Now the word nephilim comes from the Hebrew word naphal which mean “to fall” and if you say nephilim and put the “im” ending on it, it’s the plural – it means the plural of the fallen ones. And in the king James that’s translated as giants.”

PB: Dr. Michael Heiser, I believe you have heard of him, has explained that “nephilim” can’t be from the hebrew “naphal” but you can read that here: or watch it here: So it actually does mean “giants” from Aramaic, besides being translated “giants”.

9:33 LA “We know from the apocryphal book of Enoch that these giants became cannibalistic before the flood, eat the flesh and blood of human beings, it got extremely nasty, we also know that they were huge, 20-35 ft…”

PB: Enoch is not scripture, that section has been shown to be unreliable, there’s nothing in the Bible which says this. See The Case Against the Book of Enoch. We also cover an upper size limit for giants in there. BTW that Steve Quayle giant skeletons photo is not reliable – it refers to debunked giant skeletons that were later proven to be of elephants. The largest one on there is from some ancient Greek mythos where an unknown skeleton briefly was seen to fall into the sea after an earthquake, no one even examined it – possibly a dinosaur. Those aren’t verifiable skeletons over about 18 ft. Can you back Quayle’s photo of skeletons up with something???

10:30 LA “In Matt 24 they were given in marriage” who were they? The they were the fallen ones, They were given… it’s huge”

PB: Ummm the human women “were given” in marriage… maybe nephilim women… but definitely it was “women” who were given… ???

12:00 RD ziggurauts… Flood

PB: Those ancient structures were built after the worldwide Flood and Babel. So they can’t be used as evidence to justify wiping out worldwide pre-flood nephilim.

12:45-13:00 GS nephilim not human beings

PB: Actually the Bible refers to them as “men” or “enowsh” – Because the nephilim had human bodies.

14:00 LA I believe all 8 people on the Ark were perfect in their generations. Don’t think God missed some nephilim genetics in 1, etc etc

PB: Well, that contradicts the most straightforward reading of the scripture. “All flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth” but “NOAH was perfect in his generations”. So it’s all but Noah that were corrupted. It’s the spiritual lineage of paternal line tracing back to Adam that determines if one is human. God breathed a spirit into Adam, and it’s been multiplied down the paternal line to give life to our bodies, all children, ever since – down the paternal line spiritually from Adam. The nephilim had human bodies. They were the first to live 120 years – and you and I – we ALL are related to the nephilim and have some nephilim genetics because none of us live longer than 120 years, you can see the ages drop off after the flood – the 120 year lifespan genetics came from the nephilim. So either salvation is not a genetics issue, or we are all screwed cause we ALL have nephilim genetics. Our lifespans prove it. So genetics doesn’t matter – it’s not a salvation issue. You all have nephilim genes! For further explanation see my website. Or this:

15:00 GS “Why do we need to know about this?” LA “Jesus said it would be like the days of Noah when He returns…” return of the nephilim, hybridization program, etc. etc.

PB: There is no modern nephilim-hybridization program – it is an elaborate deception with many victims, preparing the way for the antichrist. And you have bought it hook, line, and sinker.

You really Don’t need to understand all of this except for maybe 3 things:

1. If you miss the rapture – The sons of God will be released from their imprisonment in the Earth, and having repented they will be working for God, and will be given new bodies that look like winged-horse-men. They are going to sting whoever doesn’t have the seal of God (likely a cross) on their forehead. So then draw the seal of God (likely a cross) on your forehead to not be stung. People will probably think it’s an alien invasion, but they are released from a prison inside the Earth (after likely a cataclysmic meteor hits).

2. The fallen angel Abaddon, among them, has not repented, and still looks like a human man. He will come out with them, and be the Antichrist. He will probably claim to be the alien creator of humanity, who was here in the past and seeded life here. He may have human DNA that matches our own, because we may be related to Abaddon through a nephilim daughter of his from before the flood. As we are all related to a nephilim female somewhere back there. But he is NOT the alien creator of humanity, just a fallen angel who had kids before the Flood, and we may be descended from one of his daughters. Don’t take his mark, don’t worship him, he is the antichrist.

3. Everyone living today is human, genetics don’t matter, whether “alien” or “nephilim”, and everyone both can come and need to come to salvation in Jesus Christ, learn the truth, because the end is coming, and sooner than most realize.

For more details see here:

Genetics and bloodlines DO NOT MATTER in relation to salvation. No one today is a nephilim, or unsavable. You guys are doing people a major disservice by teaching this racist bloodline genetics crap and then trying to back it up with the Bible. You aren’t getting this from scripture first, you are getting it from case reports of crap fallen angels have shown or told people, then trying to hack the Bible to back up what deceptions fallen angels threw at you. Do some research of the Bible without the blinders on. You nephilim-bloodline racists DO NOT represent Christian ufology.

This is what Christian ufology teaches: Alien/nephilim/human/hybrids today can be saved in Jesus Christ! He welcomes them to come to Him for salvation and the truth.

19:00 GS, LA….

PB: I already addressed these… same… lies.

27:00 PB: There’s no second incursion in the Bible. That’s NOT teaching the Bible or truth.

27:30 PB: What does God need with a starship, and what do fallen angels, gods, need technology for? They can directly alter the physical universe from a quantum level up by just thinking about it – they are extradimensional creatures – they do not need frackin technology. They already have the potential to do as much or more than human technology will ever achieve – the uttermost limits – without the need for any technology.

How is what you are teaching people any different than Sitchin or Van Daniken? You are describing the same thing as secular New Agers that believe in Ancient Aliens and alien technology, but you are just replacing “aliens” with “fallen angels”. It doesn’t work like that. Can’t you guys see at all that you are just preparing the way for the Antichrist? The end game goal is to convince humanity we have an alien creator – and that aliens have been visiting us all along – and all you are doing is just VALIDATING these secular lies by claiming the Bible teaches the same thing. But it DOES NOT.

30:00 GS Rephaim unredeemable…

PB: There’s no difference between modern people with gigantism and Rephaim – and you just told countless thousands of people with gigantism today that they are unredeemable. GS, You are WRONG. And you also don’t understand that the Rephaim, defined as human giants, also lived before the Flood – they are referred to the “dead” in Sheol because they also were buried in the Flood, in the earth, dead, at the same time the Flood waters receeded and the sons of God were buried in the Abyss. Same location Abyss/Sheol. It’s under the Earth’s crust, a huge burial result of the cataclysm of the Flood. I cover this on my website, see here: and here:

GS, In Isa 26:14 when it says the Rephaim will not “rise again” it means that they will not rise into power in the land of the living – but check 5 verses later, a continuance of the same passage, Isa 26:19 “Thy dead [men] shall live, [together with] my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew [is as] the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the Rephaim.” Here “the earth shall cast out the Rephaim” is also translated “the earth will give birth to the dead (rephaim)”. This verse seems to obviously be referring to the second resurrection… or even the first… It does not say human giants, the Rephaim, will all be damned – and certainly CHRISTIAN Rephaim, such as who live TODAY and are SAVED IN JESUS CHRIST may rise at the FIRST resurrection… you might want to check yourself on telling people with a particular unfortunate type of pituitary cancer that they are eternally damned for no reason. Colorful metaphors.

35:00 LA..

PB: You think they are making a human in the image of Satan? He is a four-faced four-winged cherubim. That makes no sense. Human giants don’t look like Satan.

37:00 LA..

PB: Yeah, well you might be bible believing on some things, but not these same things you teach on nephilim, giants, fallen angels, or hybrids, or a return of the nephilim. This is not what the Bible says on these topics. This is bunk.

42:00 LA, GS

PB: What’s going on right now is you can’t see through the deception enough to realize you are deceived and indoctrinating others with the same deception.

LA “A week before the Nephilim Mound conference, the second largest crop circle is seen… (in the area)…. I found that absolutely astounding… ”

PB: Well, of course you did. This is leading up to the arrival of the Antichrist, “[Even him], whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders”… get prepped for his arrival… only $50.

The answers are in the Bible – not the answers you are giving people though. The army that’s coming isn’t evil or nephilim – it’s the sons of God returned and they will be working for God. It’s in opposition to them that the Antichrist rises into power. By indoctrinating people with these lies that the army that is coming works for Satan – you are helping people to be more receptive to believing the Antichrist whose opposed to them will be the good guy. By making the terms “fallen angel” and “aliens” synonymous in practice – you are just confirming the secular New Age lies. No matter where they look, the unsaved get the same answer – “they” were here in the past, visiting now, some of us are different and part of “their” genetics – it’s all the same – and it’s all setting up the world to receive Abaddon as the alien creator of humanity.

True believers will not be deceived by Abaddon, only those whose names were not in the book of life from the foundation of the world will worship him. But there is a Rapture coming, and God’s commandment is to love everyone – anybody – it’s not just the false eschatology, or even the paranormal attacks people experience in result of believing it – but especially the hatred and prejudice you are helping to create with your teachings – that is the problem. God desires for all people, including giants, abductees, people who believe they are hybrids or nephilim – whatever their DNA or appearance – God wants all people to come to salvation in Jesus Christ. You deny Jesus Christ to people who have gigantism today, or abductees who believe they are part nephilim or alien hybrids, on your show – not once in all of that do you think of these people and reassure them they can be saved – all you teach these people is they are unsavable – that is a shame and so irresponsible, and it is not true. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life”.

-Paradox Brown

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